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Yes, we can do it. With that positive attitude toward helping clients meet the rigorous demands of challenging oil fields around the world, Ron Rowbotham started Roll’n Oilfield Industries in 1977. Since then, we have established an impressive track record as a versatile contractor operating in some of the most difficult regions of the world.

Roll’n Oilfield Industries has been providing workover, completion and drilling services to the Oil and Gas Industry since 1977 which is the longest of any service rig contractor in Canada. Our decades of experience have provided us with the knowledge of what works and what does not. We have learned through all of our varied operations how to train our people and build our equipment to meet the demands of any type of work. Being in the Industry longer than any other service rig contractor has also allowed our Safety Program to evolve to be the best in the Industry. Looking at a 15 year average in the Industry, Roll’n has the best overall Safety record.

With our fleet of Rigs and dedicated personnel we have participated in projects in Russia, Alaska, the lower 48 States, Central America and Western Canada. Our experience and in-depth understanding of doing business in cooperation with the rigorous demands of the industry allows us to succeed in any environment.

Company, Provincial and Federal Laws

All equipment shall be designed, installed, modified, guarded, operated and maintained in accordance with Company standards and as required by law, codes or regulations issued by authorized governmental regulatory bodies. These are considered minimum standards and are exceeded where the hazard warrants it.

Mission Statement

To be recognized as a Leader in Well Servicing by our Client and the Industry, by managing our business effectively, growing through quality and supplying a value added service and providing satisfying work for our employees.

We will operate in a profitable, safe, environmentally conscientious, efficient, competitive and ethical manner to create wealth recognizing the rights and values of all Stakeholders – Our Client, our Employees, the Share holders and the Public.